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Nonlinear coupled rotor-fuselage helicopter vibration studies with higher harmonic control
P.P. Friedmann, , I. Papavassiliou
Published in Publ by American Helicopter Soc, Alexandria, VA, United States
Volume: 1
Pages: 429 - 445
This paper addresses the problem of vibration prediction and vibration reduction in helicopters by means of active control methodologies. The nonlinear equations of a coupled rotor/flexible fuselage system have been derived using computer algebra, thus relegating this tedious task to the computer. In the solution procedure the trim state and vibratory response of the helicopter are obtained in a single pass by using a Harmonic Balance technique and simultaneously satisfying the trim and the vibratory response of the helicopter in all the rotor and fuselage degrees of freedom. Using this solution procedure, the influence of the fuselage flexibility on the vibratory response is studied. In addition it is shown that the conventional single frequency HHC is capable of reducing either the hub loads or only the fuselage vibrations but not both simultaneously. A new scheme called MHHC, having multiple higher harmonic pitch inputs was used to accomplish this task of simultaneously reducing both the vibratory hub loads and fuselage vibratory response. In addition, the uniqueness of this MHHC scheme is explained in detail.
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JournalAnnual Forum Proceedings - American Helicopter Society
PublisherPubl by American Helicopter Soc, Alexandria, VA, United States