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Induced dynamics on the hyperspaces
Published in Universidad Politecnica de Valencia
Volume: 17
Issue: 2
Pages: 93 - 104
In this paper, we study the dynamics induced by finite commutative relation. We prove that the dynamics generated by such a non-trivial collection cannot be transitive/super-transitive and hence cannot exhibit higher degrees of mixing. As a consequence we establish that the dynamics induced by such a collection on the hyperspace endowed with any admissible hit and miss topology cannot be transitive and hence cannot exhibit any form of mixing. We also prove that if the system is generated by such a commutative collection, under suitable conditions the induced system cannot have dense set of periodic points. In the end we give example to show that the induced dynamics in this case may or may not be sensitive. © AGT, UPV, 2016.
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JournalApplied General Topology
PublisherUniversidad Politecnica de Valencia