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Vaccine for a neglected tropical disease Taenia solium cysticercosis: fight for eradication against all odds
Rimanpreet Kaur, Naina Arora, Suraj Rawat S., Anand Keshri Kumar, Shubha Sharma Rani, , Gagandeep Singh, Amit Prasad
Published in TAYLOR \& FRANCIS LTD
Introduction Taenia solium infection is among the 17 most neglected tropical diseases identified by World Health Organization and to be eradicated by 2030. This parasite infects the central nervous system (Neurocysticercosis {[}NCC]) and intestine {[}Taeniasis]). NCC is the most frequent cause of acquired epilepsy in endemic regions and Taeniasis is responsible for the widespread malnutrition and abdominal discomfort among children. Epilepsy caused by T. solium is preventable and the total elimination of NCC can be achieved by good hygiene, mass therapy, and most importantly vaccination of pigs or humans. Vaccine for pig is available but not widely in use and for humans it's still elusive. Area covered Several vaccine candidates for porcine cysticercosis have been tried like TSOL18, SP3Vac, KETc7, TSOL45, etc. with good success in the limited field trial. This review highlights some seminal contributions for the anti-cestode vaccine, the associated challenges, current status, suggestive future directions, and the need of vaccine for human use. Expert opinion Though several vaccines are available, none is being widely used due to lack of awareness, economic constraints, accessibility, etc. Hence, there is a need for a newer, economic, and reliable vaccine for humans or pigs use to reduce the disease burden.
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