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Unloaded quality factor of a substrate integrated waveguide resonator and its variation with the substrate parameters
, M.K. Mandal, S. Sanyal
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In this paper, the variation of unloaded Quality factor QU of a substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) resonator with the substrate parameters is presented. It is observed that the QU strongly depends on substrate thickness, dielectric constant and loss tangent values. QU of a SIW resonator is also compared with that of a conventional rectangular air filled waveguide resonator and also that of a microstrip resonator. The graphical results shown in this paper can be used as a guideline to choose a proper wave guiding structure or an appropriate substrate for SIW application especially where insertion loss is an important issue. © 2013 IEEE.
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Journal2013 International Conference on Microwave and Photonics, ICMAP 2013