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Unified compact model for gate all around fets-nanosheets, nanowires, multi bridge channel MOSFETs
P. Kushwaha, J.P. Duarte, Y.-K. Lin, , H.-L. Chang, A. Sachid, Y.S. Chauhan, S. Salahuddin, C. Hu
Published in TechConnect
Volume: 4
Pages: 249 - 252
A unified compact model for gate-all-around (GAA) FETs is discussed. This single unified model can accurately model different shapes of GAA FETs. In this work, we present its validation with the reported GAA FETs: stacked GAA nanosheet, stacked nanowire MOS-FETs, Multi-bridge-channel MOSFETs and Twin silicon nanowire MOSFETs. This study shows that the BSIM-CMG unified multi-gate MOSFET model is ready for production design of silicon GAA based circuits and technology-product co-development for future technology nodes. © 2018 by TechConnect. All rights reserved.
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