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Triple-Cation-Based Perovskite Photocathodes with AZO Protective Layer for Hydrogen Production Applications
, A. Sadhanala, R.L.Z. Hoye, V. Andrei, M.H. Modarres, B. Zhao, J. Rongé, R. Friend, M. De Volder
Published in American Chemical Society
PMID: 31252465
Volume: 11
Issue: 26
Pages: 23198 - 23206
Metal halide perovskites are actively pursued as photoelectrodes to drive solar fuel synthesis. However, currently, these photocathodes suffer from limited stability in water, which hampers their practical application. Here, we report a high-performance solution-processable photocathode composed of cesium formamidinium methylammonium triple-cation lead halide perovskite protected by an Al-doped ZnO (AZO) layer combined with a Field's metal encapsulation. Careful selection of charge transport layers resulted in an improvement in photocurrent, fill factor, device stability and reproducibility. The dead pixels count reduced from 25 to 6% for the devices with an AZO layer, and in photocathodes with an AZO layer the photocurrent density increased by almost 20% to 14.3 mA cm-2. In addition, we observed a 5-fold increase in the device lifetime for photocathodes with AZO, which reached up to 18 h before complete failure. Finally, the photocathodes are fabricated using low-cost and scalable methods, which have promise to become compatible with standard solution-based processes. © 2019 American Chemical Society.
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