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Transformative high entropy alloy conquers the strength-ductility paradigm by massive interface strengthening
, P. Agrawal, M. Frank, A. Watts, S. Shukla, C. Morphew, A. Chesetti, J.S. Park, R.S. Mishra
Published in Acta Materialia Inc
Volume: 203
Recent metastable alloy designs have demonstrated simultaneous attainment of high ultimate tensile strength (UTS) and ductility in high entropy alloys but with low yield strength. Here we present new strategy for improving the work hardenability and yield strength (YS) together in Fe38.5Mn20Co20Cr15Si5Cu1.5 high entropy alloy (Cu-HEA). Drastic increase in the YS (1.5 GPa) is attributed to the formation of γ/ε, ε/ε (twin type) and ε/ε (plate type) interfaces in the microstructure due to extreme grain refinement whereas high UTS-ductility synergy (2.2 GPa, 15%) is attained by dynamic Hall-Petch hardening across these interfaces (i.e. massive interface strengthening) and transformation induced plasticity in γ phase. Thus, this harmonious combination of YS and UTS-ductility synergy in Cu-HEA outperform all structural materials till date. Therefore, deformation-induced massive interface strengthening is a new, yet cost-effective pathway for synergizing the benefits of advanced steels and high entropy alloys together in a material by conventional processing route. © 2021 Acta Materialia Inc.
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