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The harmonics impact study of a DC-DC buck converter through a power delivery network
V.K. Sharma, , H. Shrimali, R. Malik
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Volume: 2018-January
Pages: 1 - 3
In this paper, a nonlinear distortion analysis of power delivery network and the impact of nonlinear characteristics of DC-DC converter on the PDN output have been analyzed. The harmonic components for an equivalent PDN model have been estimated using Volterra series for 50 Hz input ripples. The mean relative error between analytical and simulated results for the fundamental (H1(jω1)), the second (H2 (jω1, jω2)) and the third harmonic (H2(jω1, jω2, jω3)) responses are 3%, 1% and 7%, respectively. For input intercept points (IIP2 and IIP3), the difference between analytical and simulation results are 0.5 dB and 2.8 dB, respectively. © 2017 IEEE.