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Temperature dependent transport studies in InN quantum dots grown by droplet epitaxy on silicon nitride/Si substrate
, B. Roul, A. Shetty, M.K. Rajpalke, T.N. Bhat, A.T. Kalghatgi, S.B. Krupanidhi
Published in
Volume: 99
Issue: 15
InN quantum dots (QDs) were fabricated on silicon nitride/Si (111) substrate by droplet epitaxy. Single-crystalline structure of InN QDs was verified by transmission electron microscopy, and the chemical bonding configurations of InN QDs were examined by x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. Photoluminescence measurement shows a slight blue shift compared to the bulk InN, arising from size dependent quantum confinement effect. The interdigitated electrode pattern was created and current-voltage (I-V) characteristics of InN QDs were studied in a metal-semiconductor-metal configuration in the temperature range of 80-300 K. The I-V characteristics of lateral grown InN QDs were explained by using the trap model. © 2011 American Institute of Physics.
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JournalApplied Physics Letters