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System Architecture for Smart Ubiquitous Health Monitoring System with Area Optimization in Multiple On-chip Radios Scenario
, Y.S. Krishna, P. Rajalakshmi, A. Acharyya
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 140 - 144
Realization of ubiquitous connectivity in remote health monitoring is a primary issue yet to be addressed. In this paper we propose a system architecture for IoT enabled remote health monitoring with smart transmission which can also aid in ubiquitous connectivity by targeting multiple on-chip radios (IEEE 802.15.4 and IEEE 802.11b in this case). We also optimize the area overhead by using modified IEEE 802.15.4-PHY architecture which uses Raised Cosine pulse shaping and the BER performance is also analyzed for same. The modified IEEE 802.15.4-PHY when used in multiple radio architecture along with IEEE 802.11b can result in significant area savings by multiplexing the commonly available functional units. The proposed architecture also aids for significant energy savings due to the presence of smart transmission technique. Performance of the proposed architecture is analyzed using energy consumption and BER as key performance metrics. The BER performance shows that the usage of raised cosine pulse shaping for IEEE 802.15.4-PHY achieves significant amount of area savings without losing any performance in BER. © 2014 IEEE.