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Swaminarayan movement and Gujarati diasporic identity
Published in
Volume: 87
Issue: 1-2
Pages: 129 - 136
Swaminarayan Hinduism (founded by Swami Sahajanand) is a modern form of Hinduism that was floated in early 19th century Gujarat. In fact, Swaminarayan movement is a Gujarati form of Vaishnavism and wherever it exists outside of Gujarat, is the religion of Gujaratis. Globally the convergence of religious identity with cultural and linguistic associations is a most important aspect of the transmission of the tradition, and that is exactly what Swaminarayan movement has done by building a bridge of faith, so integral to Gujarati Diaspora. Swaminarayan Hinduism is a powerful agent in preservation of Gujarati ethnic identity, linguistic and regional ties around the globe; it has stressed the union of regional-linguistic identity, by clubbing the use of Gujarati language, dress, music, dance, cuisine, art. Thus Swaminarayan Hinduism is a sectarian group which overlaps the regional-linguistic aspect and this has been highlighted in this paper, along with reasons for the success of this movement in Gujarati diaspora. © Serials Publications.
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