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Supervised cluster analysis of mirna expression data using rough hypercuboid partition matrix
, J. Vera
Published in Springer Verlag
Volume: 9124
Pages: 482 - 494
The microRNAs are small, endogenous non-coding RNAs found in plants and animals, which suppresses the expression of genes post-transcriptionally. It is suggested by various genome-wide studies that a substantial fraction of miRNA genes is likely to form clusters. The coherent expression of the miRNA clusters can then be used to classify samples according to the clinical outcome. In this background, a new rough hypercuboid based supervised similarity measure is proposed that is integrated with the supervised attribute clustering to find groups of miRNAs whose coherent expression can classify samples. The proposed method directly incorporates the information of sample categories into the miRNA clustering process, generating a supervised clustering algorithm for miRNAs. The effectiveness of the rough hypercuboid based algorithm, along with a comparison with other related algorithms, is demonstrated on three miRNA microarray expression data sets using the B.632+ bootstrap error rate of support vector machine. The association of the miRNA clusters to various biological pathways are also shown by doing pathway enrichment analysis. © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2015.