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Studies on sorption of plutonium from carbonate medium on polyacrylhydroxamic acid resin
S.S. Pathak, I.C. Pius, S.K. Mukerjee, S. Pal,
Published in
Volume: 293
Issue: 2
Pages: 483 - 488
Polyacrylhydroxamic acid resin synthesized by functionalization of polyacrylamide with hydroxylamine has been investigated for the sorption of plutonium(IV) from carbonate medium, aiming at its application for the removal of plutonium from alkali wash effluent generated during purification of TBP in PUREX process. Batch experiments have been carried out to determine distribution coefficient of plutonium(IV) between this exchanger and various compositions of carbonate medium. Effect of the concentration of sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate and pH of the solution on the distribution coefficient have been studied to optimize the conditions for the uptake of Pu(IV) by this exchanger. Column experiments were carried out to determine the practical capacity of the exchanger for plutonium. Elution studies were also carried out to recover the loaded plutonium from the ion exchange column The exchanger displayed good exchange capacity for Pu(IV) from feed solution simulating the conditions of carbonate wash effluent generated in PUREX process. The exchanger also exhibited fast elution of Pu, suggesting the feasibility of using it for the recovery of Pu from carbonate based wash effluent. © Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest, Hungary 2012.
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JournalJournal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry