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Stimulation of murine B and T lymphocytes by native and heat-denatured Abrus agglutinin
D. Ghosh, S.K. Bhutia, S.K. Mallick, , T.K. Maiti
Published in
PMID: 19215805
Volume: 214
Issue: 3
Pages: 227 - 234
In our previous studies, Abrus agglutinin showed non-specific immunostimulatory activity both native (NA) and heat-denatured (HDA) condition in mouse model. The present study was investigated to decipher the specific immune response towards B and T cell by NA and HDA. It was observed that the proliferation index for NA and HDA of stimulated B cells are 1.35 and 1.41 respectively and on the other hand, T cell proliferation index for NA and HDA are 1.67 and 1.54 respectively. At the same time, expression of surface and activation marker for B and T cells was significantly different compared to control as quantified by flow cytometry. But the expression of co-stimulatory markers (CD 80 and CD 86) was not significantly different and NA and HDA in immunized splenocytes with Dalton's lymphoma antigen induced antibodies titer 4.37 and 4.2 times more than control. This study indicates Abrus agglutinin (NA and HDA) acts as a B cell and T cell stimulator. © 2008 Elsevier GmbH. All rights reserved.
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