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STAR: A Content Based Video Retrieval system for moving camera video shots
Published in IEEE Computer Society
This paper presents the design of STAR (Spatio-Temporal Analysis and Retrieval), an unsupervised Content Based Video Retrieval (CBVR) System. STAR's key insight and primary contribution is that it models video content using a joint spatio-temporal feature representation and retrieves videos from the database which have similar moving object and trajectories of motion. Foreground moving blobs from a moving camera video shot are extracted, along with a trajectory for camera motion compensation, to form the space-time volume (STV). The STV is processed to obtain the EMST-CSS representation, which can discriminate across different categories of videos. Performance of STAR has been evaluated qualitatively and quantitatively using precision-recall metric on benchmark video datasets having unconstrained video shots, to exhibit efficiency of STAR. © 2013 IEEE.