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Stability Enhancement of Inverter Based Autonomous Microgrid using Electric Spring
A. Firdaus, S. Mishra,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
This paper presents the application of electric spring (ES) in damping low frequency oscillations in droop controlled inverter based microgrid. These low frequency oscillations arise in the microgrid due to the power control loops of inverters. While ES is generally employed to regulate voltage across critical loads in the systems; this paper highlights another key benefit of ES that can be employed if the critical loads are not present. Under this scenario, the ES can be controlled to damp the low frequency oscillations. The same is achieved in this work by modulating the current of the ES based on the oscillations in the inveter reference frequency. The proposed method is validated by MATLAB / SIMULINK simulations. The effect of location of ES is also presented. © 2019 IEEE.