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Spark plasma sintering of Fe-Cr-Mo-P-B-C-Si amorphous alloy
, Indumathi, R. Subramanian, B.S. Murty
Published in Trans Tech Publications Ltd
Volume: 710
Pages: 320 - 325
krravi.psgias@gmail.com indunainar@gmail.com rsm@mtl.psgtech.ac.in murty@iitm.ac.in,In the present work, synthesis of bulk Fe amorphous alloy by mechanical alloying of 70Fe-15Cr- 4Mo-5P-4B-1C-1Si powders followed by consolidation of powders using Spark Plasma Sintering process is reported. The evolution of phase, microstructure, relative density and hardness of amorphous alloy as a function of spark plasma sintering temperature is discussed. Transmission electron microscopy investigation has shown partial divitrification of amorphous matrix into nanocrystalline phase during spark plasma sintering of amorphous Fe alloy. The hardness of amorphous alloy sintered at 525 - 575°C are in the range of 675 - 725 MPa. © (2012) Trans Tech Publications.
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JournalMaterials Science Forum
PublisherTrans Tech Publications Ltd