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Solvent-mediated morphological transformations in peptide-based soft structures
, S. Verma
Published in
Volume: 64
Issue: 27
Pages: 6202 - 6208
Self-assembly is routinely used for the design and fabrication of new and advanced materials. Biological building blocks such as short peptides undergo self-assembly to reveal a variety of hierarchical structures such as nanotubes, fibers, and spherical structures. Peptide-based soft spherical structures are potentially useful for a variety of applications including vehicles for drug delivery and biological molecules. This report describes a tripalmitoylated triskelion ditryptophan peptide conjugate (5) that self-assembles to form hollow spheres along with pores on the surface when higher concentration of the dichloromethane was used, but forms fiber structures when heated in toluene solvent. © 2008 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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