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Soft-reconfiguration management for operating systems with multiprocessor architecture
, G. Somani, K. Mundra, S.S. Verma, H. Joshi
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 573 - 577
Recent inventions in VLSI technology lead IT consumer market to be prepared for business of new products everyday. With these tech-advancements, a new motherboard is designed for every release of a new processor in the form of fixed ASIC thus makes the old motherboards useless. This leads to two big problems of E-waste as well as Technology upgradation cost. To overcome these problem, authors have already proposed Three-Tier architecture for the computer processors that introduces a Reconfigurable Master Processor in FPGA, controling all other old technology processors. This uses a smart OS named kshtizindial-OS (KIOS), at higher tier, Reconfigurable FPGA (Master Processor) at middle tier and the old processors at lower tier. This architecture emphasizes on an innovative concept of a very smart and auto-reconfigurable Operating System, KIOS with a reconfigurable CPU in FPGA that controls and reuses the old processors. The KIOS will incorporate the feature of soft-reconfiguration or auto-updation such that it can be able to reconfigure the FPGA as per the need of new release. All the tasks in the three tier architecture of KIOS is managed and interfaced for user by an application cum system software. Serially, these all tasks are presented here by a seven step process. This new architecture also contains new techniques of implementation for main memory, cache memory, bus architectures data and address mapping, multiprocessor scheduling and clock management. © 2007 IEEE.