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Smart Monitoring and Management System for Efficient Cultivation
K. Lalitha Vanathi, J. Jayageetha, S. Narmatha, , J. Praveen Kumar
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 421 - 425
Iot has a main role in the raising technology. It's application is almost used in every fields. It has been found that upto 9.4 billion individuals will start to use IoT in their agricultural farms. When the agriculture is done with the help of IoT, farmers will earn more profit than the normal farming methods. This IoT uses sensors like soil moisture, Humidity, temperature, Light sensor, Motion sensors, pH meter in the farming field. This provides automation in irrigation system, Lighting system, Animal alert system and also finds the pH level of the soil. These operations are done by using the solar energy. These data are sent to the microcontroller called PIC. Based on the respective threshold level each system will operate automatically. In this way the farms can be monitored in the user friendly way. This is achieved by accessing MQTT(Message Queuing Telemetry Transport). This is an application that can be viewed in mobile. In this automation system Relay is used to make the system 'ON' and 'OFF'. If the moisture content becomes less the irrigation system gets accessed. The artificial lighting system is automated by using Incandescent or Fluorescent light, when there is minimal light source is available for the plants. In addition to this the motion sensor is used to sense the movement of animals which makes the alarm sound along with glow of light. The camera in the field will capture the animal. These updates and notifications are sent to the farmer's mobile, so that they can monitor it at any time. This is a conventional way of farming method that provides higher yield and efficiency. © 2020 IEEE.