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Secure and effective geo-data transmission scheme for vehicle-to-vehicle communication
T. Limbasiya,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 389 - 396
The vehicular ad-hoc network (VANET) is an arrangement to transfer meaningful information to vehicles/road-side-units and they always expect on-time data delivery along with security requirements. Because if users get bogus information, then there will be a hazard of serious complication(s). However, it is not an obvious business to send packets from an origin node to the target node in the public environment. Researchers designed several secure data transmission protocols to avail different features in VANETs. But some schemes are vulnerable to different attacks and this may lead to unexpected circumstance(s). In this paper, we suggest a secure geo-data transmission system for VANETs in which vehicles can deliver data with higher probability. This scheme is also protected against various attacks, i.e., impersonation, replay, chosen cipher-text, and modification. Further, the proposed protocol requires less execution time, low communication overhead, and storage cost compared to other related schemes. © 2018 IEEE.