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Robust watermarking in multiresolution walsh-hadamard transform
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Pages: 894 - 899
In this paper, a newer version of Walsh-Hadamard Transform namely multiresolution Walsh-Hadamard Transform (MR-WHT) is proposed for images. Further, a robust watermarking scheme is proposed for copyright protection using MR- WHT and singular value decomposition. The core idea of the proposed scheme is to decompose an image using MR-WHT and then middle singular values of high frequency sub-band at the coarsest and the finest level are modified with the singular values of the watermark. Finally, a reliable watermark extraction scheme is developed for the extraction of the watermark from the distorted image. The experimental results show better visual imperceptibility and resiliency of the proposed scheme against intentional or un-intentional variety of attacks. © 2008 IEEE.
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Journal2009 IEEE International Advance Computing Conference, IACC 2009