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Resistive Switching Behaviour of PVP/HfOxHybrid RRAM on Flexible Substrate
I. Varun, D. Bharti, A.K. Mahato, V. Raghuwanshi,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Flexible devices have been in focus for their applications in wearable electronics, displays, sensors, and memory. PVP/HfOx based hybrid resistive random access memory devices were demonstrated on flexible PET substrates to study their resistive switching characteristics and memory application. These RRAM devices exhibited decent repeatability of more than 100 cycles with excellent Ion/Ioff of 106 at 0.2 V as read voltage. With retention time of more than 6000 s and reliable switching operation, the fabricated devices have potential to be embedded in flexible electronic applications. Moreover, conduction mechanism in devices was found to be ohmic at lower voltage levels in high resistance state (HRS) and space charge limited conduction at higher voltage levels, occurring mainly due to traps sites available in PVP and HfOx. The AFM image confirms the presence of pinholes at PVP surface which will eventually assist in filament formation. © 2020 IEEE.