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Real-time distributed multi-object tracking in a PTZ camera network
A. Choudhary, S. Sharma, I. Sreedevi,
Published in Springer Verlag
Volume: 9124
Pages: 183 - 192
A visual surveillance system should have the ability to view an object of interest at a certain size so that important information related to that object can be collected and analyzed as the object moves in the area observed by multiple cameras. In this paper, we propose a novel framework for real-time, distributed, multi-object tracking in a PTZ camera network with this capability. In our framework, the user is provided a tool to mark an object of interest such that the object is tracked at a certain size as it moves in the view of various cameras across space and time. The pan, tilt and zoom capabilities of the PTZ cameras are leveraged upon to ensure that the object of interest remains within the predefined size range as it is seamlessly tracked in the PTZ camera network. In our distributed system, each camera tracks the objects in its view using particle filter tracking and multi-layered belief propagation is used for seamlessly tracking objects across cameras. © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2015.