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Progress towards universal health coverage in the context of rheumatic diseases in India
, S. Thiagarajan, S. Garg, D. Danda
Published in Blackwell Publishing
PMID: 30950207
Volume: 22
Issue: 5
Pages: 880 - 889
Aim: This study aims to measure current situation with regard to access and financial protection towards healthcare for rheumatic diseases (RDs) in India. Method: The first part of this study is quantitative, and uses the data generated by the 71st Round of National Sample Survey 2014, which measured self-reported morbidity, choice of provider and utilization of services and out of pocket expenditure (OOPE) incurred on healthcare services in a sample of 65 932 households and 333 104 individuals from all across India. The second qualitative part of the study was done in one sample district to understand the barriers to access and financial protection. Results: 3.5% of all hospitalizations in the preceding one year and 9.9% of all ambulatory care in the preceding 15 days of this study period were due to RDs. Cost of care for RDs was three times higher in private sector. Cost on medicines comprised the largest share in both sectors. 54% of the households faced catastrophic health expenditure at 10% threshold (CHE-10) and this was nine times higher in private provisioning (OR: 8.8, CI: 6.8-11.4). 24% of the households had to borrow or sell household assets to meet the hospitalization expenditure. Insurance had marginal impact and it did not help in preventing household from facing CHE-10 for the lowermost three economic quintiles. There was significant unmet health care needs and lack of continuity of care of RDs in India. Conclusion: Addressing the gaps in access and financial protection for patients with RDs need greater emphasis in policy as well as implementation, if the country has to achieve Universal Health Coverage. © 2019 Asia Pacific League of Associations for Rheumatology and John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd
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JournalInternational Journal of Rheumatic Diseases
PublisherBlackwell Publishing