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Probing nonclassicality in an optically driven cavity with two atomic ensembles
J. Naikoo, K. Thapliyal, A. Pathak,
Published in American Physical Society
Volume: 97
Issue: 6
The possibility of observing nonclassical features in a physical system comprised of a cavity with two ensembles of two-level atoms has been investigated by considering different configurations of the ensembles with respect to the node and antinode of the cavity field under the framework of open quantum systems. The study reveals the strong presence of nonclassical characters in the physical system by establishing the existence of many facets of nonclassicality, such as the sub-Poissonian boson statistics and squeezing in single modes, intermodal squeezing, intermodal entanglement, antibunching, and steering. The effect of a number of parameters, characterizing the physical system, on the different aspects of nonclassicality is also investigated. Specifically, it is observed that the depth of the nonclassicality witnessing parameters can be enhanced by externally driving one of the ensembles with an optical field. The work is done in the presence of open system effects, in particular, use is made of Langevin equations along with a suitable perturbative technique. © 2018 American Physical Society.
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