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PPAE: Practical parazoa authenticated encryption family
D. Chang, R. Sumesh Manjunath,
Published in Springer Verlag
Volume: 9451
Pages: 198 - 211
The CAESAR competition for standardization of schemes for authenticated encryption has received 49 entries. Constructions such as Keyak, ICEPOLE, Artemia, NORX and Ascon use DuplexWrap and JHAE modes. DuplexWrap is based on the sponge construction and JHAE is based on the JH hash function. Andreeva et al. have recently defined a generalized sponge like construction called Parazoa hash family and provided indifferentiability security bound for the same. They had shown that the sponge as well as the JH hash function are instances of the parazoa construction with suitable choices of parameters. In our work, we define PPAE as an Authenticated Encryption family based on Parazoa construction. The proposed AE mode supports feed-forward operation which is lacking in sponge based AE constructions. We also provide security analysis of the PPAE family. © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2015.