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Plexin-D1 is a novel regulator of germinal centers and humoral immune responses
E.K. Holl, B.P. O'Connor, T.M. Holl, K.E. Roney, A.G. Zimmermann, , G. Kelsoe, J.P.-Y. Ting
Published in
PMID: 21464091
Volume: 186
Issue: 10
Pages: 5603 - 5611
Long-lived humoral immune responses depend upon the generation of memory B cells and long-lived plasma cells during the germinal center (GC) reaction. These memory compartments, characterized by class-switched IgG and high-affinity Abs, are the basis for successful vaccination. We report that a new member of the plexin family of molecules, plexin-D1, controls the GC reaction and is required for secondary humoral immune responses. Plexin-D1 was not required for B cell maturation, marginal zone precursor development, dark and light zone formation, Igλ+ and Igκ+ B cell skewing, B1/B2 development, and the initial extrafollicular response. Plexin-D1 expression was increased following B cell activation, and PlxnD1-/- mice exhibited defective GC reactions during T-dependent immune activation. PlxnD1-/- B cells showed a defect in migration toward the GC chemokines, CXCL12, CXCL13, and CCL19. Accordingly, PlxnD1-/- mice exhibited defective production of IgG1 and IgG2b, but not IgG3 serum Ab, accompanied by reductions in long-lived bone marrow plasmacytes and recall humoral memory responses. These data show a new role for immune plexins in the GC reaction and generation of immunologic memory. Copyright © 2011 by The American Association of Immunologists, Inc.
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