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Phase unwrapping with Kalman filter based denoising in digital holographic interferometry
P.R. Sukumar, R.G. Waghmare, R.K. Singh, G.R.K.S. Subrahmanyam,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 2256 - 2260
Phase information recovered through interferometric techniques is mathematically wrapped in the interval (-π, π). Obtaining the original unwrapped phase is very important in numerous number of applications. This paper discusses a Fourier transform based phase unwrapping method. Kalman filter is proposed for denoising in post processing step to restore the unwrapped phase without any noise. The proposed method is highly robust to noise and performs better even at lower SNR values (5-10dB) with a very less value of RMS error. Also, the time taken for execution is very less compared to the many available methods in the literature. © 2015 IEEE.