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Pharmacogenomic landscape of COVID-19 therapies from Indian population genomes
Sahana S., Sivadas A., Mangla M., Jain A., Bhoyar R.C., Pandhare K., Mishra A., Sharma D., Imran M., Senthivel V.Show More
Published in Future Medicine Ltd.
PMID: 34142560
Volume: 22
Issue: 10
Pages: 603 - 618
Aim Numerous drugs are being widely prescribed for COVID-19 treatment without any direct evidence for the drug safety/efficacy in patients across diverse ethnic populations. Materials and methods We analyzed whole genomes of 1029 Indian individuals (IndiGen) to understand the extent of drug-gene (pharmacogenetic), drug-drug and drug-drug-gene interactions associated with COVID-19 therapy in the Indian population. Results We identified 30 clinically significant pharmacogenetic variants and 73 predicted deleterious pharmacogenetic variants. COVID-19-associated pharmacogenes were substantially overlapped with those of metabolic disorder therapeutics. CYP3A4, ABCB1 and ALB are the most shared pharmacogenes. Fifteen COVID-19 therapeutics were predicted as likely drug-drug interaction candidates when used with four CYP inhibitor drugs. Conclusion Our findings provide actionable insights for future validation studies and improved clinical decisions for COVID-19 therapy in Indians. © 2021 Future Medicine Ltd.
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