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Ontology driven contextual tagging of multimedia data
N. Pahal, , B. Lall
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
To exhibit multi-modal information and to facilitate people in finding multimedia resources, tagging plays a significant role. Various public events like protests and demonstrations are always consequences of break out of some public outrage resulting from prolonged exploitation and harassment. This outrage can be seen in news footage, blogs, text news and other web data. So, aggregating this variety of data from heterogeneous sources is a prerequisite step for tagging multimedia data with appropriate content. Since content has no meaning without a context, a video should be tagged with its relevant context and content information to assist user in multimedia retrieval. This paper proposes a model for tagging of multimedia data on the basis of contextual meaning. Since context is knowledge based, it has to be guided and learned by ontology which will help fragmented information to be represented in a more meaningful way. Our tagging approach is novel and has practical applicability in the sense that whenever a new video is uploaded on some media sharing site, the context and content information gets attached automatically to a video. Thus, providing relatively complete information associated with the video. © 2014 IEEE.