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On iris spoofing using print attack
P. Gupta, S. Behera, ,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 1681 - 1686
Human iris contains rich textural information which serves as the key information for biometric identifications. It is very unique and one of the most accurate biometric modalities. However, spoofing techniques can be used to obfuscate or impersonate identities and increase the risk of false acceptance or false rejection. This paper revisits iris recognition with spoofing attacks and analyzes their effect on the recognition performance. Specifically, print attack with contact lens variations is used as the spoofing mechanism. It is observed that print attack and contact lens, individually and in conjunction, can significantly change the inter-personal and intra-personal distributions and thereby increase the possibility to deceive the iris recognition systems. The paper also presents the IIITD iris spoofing database, which contains over 4800 iris images pertaining to over 100 individuals with variations due to contact lens, sensor, and print attack. Finally, the paper also shows that cost effective descriptor approaches may help in counter-measuring spooking attacks. © 2014 IEEE.
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