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Neuromorphic Approach based Current Sensing Analog to Digital Converter for Biomedical Applications
N. Singhal, M. Santosh, , A. Karmakar
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
A current sensing analog-to-digital converter (CADC) targeting biomedical applications is proposed in this paper. The proposed architecture consists of a leaky integrate and fire (LIF) neuron model inspired from neuromorphic circuits along with digital control circuits and error correction circuit to enhance INL/DNL performance. The architecture is tuned for input signal ranging from 1 μA to 64 μA with power supply of 1/1.8 V for digital and analog blocks respectively. The design is implemented in 0.18 μm CMOS 1P4M triple-well process of Tower Jazz Semiconductor's technology. Total power consumption of the circuit is 1. 95 mW 48.86 μW respectively and achieves FoM of 331.6 71.24 pJ/conversion-step for the cases with and without error correction for 6-bits operation. © 2020 IEEE.