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Neti Neti: In search of deity
, C.V. Jawahar
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A wide category of objects and scenes can be effectively searched and classified using the modern descriptors and classifiers. With the performance on many popular categories becoming satisfactory, we explore into the issues associated with much harder recognition problems. We address the problem of searching specific images in Indian stone-carvings and sculptures in an unsupervised setup. For this, we introduce a new dataset of 524 images containing sculptures and carvings of eight different Indian deities and three other subjects popular in the Indian scenario. We perform a thorough analysis to investigate various challenges associated with this task. A new image-representation is proposed using a sequence of discriminative patches mined in an unsupervised manner. For each image, these patches are identified based on their ability to distinguish the given image from the image most dissimilar to it. Then a rejection-based re-ranking scheme is formulated based on both similarity as well as dissimilarity between two images. This new scheme is experimentally compared with two baselines using state-of-the-art descriptors on the proposed dataset. Empirical evaluations demonstrate that our proposed method of image-representation and rejection cascade improves the retrieval performance on this hard problem as compared to the baseline descriptors. © 2012 ACM.
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