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Negative differential capacitance in n-GaN/p-Si heterojunctions
, T.N. Bhat, M.K. Rajpalke, B. Roul, N. Sinha, A.T. Kalghatgi, S.B. Krupanidhi
Published in
Volume: 151
Issue: 5
Pages: 356 - 359
Negative differential capacitance (NDC) has been observed in n-GaN/p-Si heterojunctions grown by plasma assisted molecular beam epitaxy (PAMBE). The NDC is observed at low frequencies 1 and 10 kilohertz (kHz) and disappeared at a higher testing frequency of 100 kHz. The NDC is also studied with temperature and found that it has disappeared above 323 °C. CurrentVoltage (IV) characteristics of n-GaN /p-Si heterojunction were measured at different temperatures and are attributed to the space-charge-limited current (SCLC). A simple model involving two quantum states is proposed to explain the observed NDC behavior. © 2010 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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