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Near by services using spatial computing
S. Madle,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 62 - 65
Spatial Computing as a field is being used vastly to locate services around the user and to provide efficient search results for the same. Location-based services are a good example of spatial computing where the position of the user around the globe is of more importance than any other parameters and based on this spatial value of the user, the database is queried to provide the user with the nearest available location. The spatial value of the user is made available by using the Global Positioning System (GPS). Nowadays every mobile phone is inbuilt with a GPS receiver to locate the relatively accurate position of the user. The aim of the paper is to improvise the results of GPS (Global Positioning System) based service by making it more users flexible and taking into consideration more number of parameters other than distance. The parameters taken into consideration should aid the user in such a way that the result obtained by the user is more relevant to him than the previous search result when only the distance was taken into consideration. © 2019 IEEE.