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MWCNT reinforced bone like calcium phosphate—Hydroxyapatite composite coating developed through pulsed electrodeposition with varying amount of apatite phase and crystallinity to promote superior osteoconduction, cytocompatibility and corrosion protection performance compared to bare metallic implant surface
R. Chakraborty, V.S. Seesala, M. Sen, , S. Dhara, P. Saha, K. Das, S. Das
Published in Elsevier B.V.
Volume: 325
Pages: 496 - 514
Inconsistent growth of tissues and poor osteoconduction performance on the metallic implant surfaces due to variation of surface energy are major contributing factors for failure of most metallic implant on account of lack of stronger attachment with surrounding bone or tissues. In this study, composite coating of hydroxyapatite, calcium hydrogen phosphate and MWCNT was developed on SS316 surface with varying amount of calcium phosphate-hydroxyapatite phase and crystallinity by pulsed electrodeposition. TEM study revealed that the MWCNTs were bonded strongly with the in situ deposition phases and thus act as reinforcement in the deposited coating similar to the collagen fiber in natural bone structure. Presence of MWCNT reinforcement increased the overall coating modulus of elasticity in the range of 6–10 GPa similar to that of natural bone. Different coating surfaces with varied amount of phase and crystallinity exhibits altogether different phenomena and growth geometry of apatite formation during osteoconduction period under contact with SBF. Coatings with highest amount of hydroxyapatite phase exhibit formation of porous spherical (~ 1 μm) and rod like (~ 600 nm) scaffold structure along with presence of nanopores (~ 100 nm) all along the contact surfaces. Cell proliferation study indicated uniform and fast spreading of cells over the coating surfaces as compared to bare metallic implant. EIS study illustrated five times high corrosion resistance capability along with formation of passivation layer under contact with SBF for coating comes with 66% of hydroxyapatite phase. © 2017 Elsevier B.V.
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