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Multisensor Optical and Latent Fingerprint Database
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Volume: 3
Pages: 653 - 665
Large-scale fingerprint recognition involves capturing ridge patterns at different time intervals using various methods, such as live-scan and paper-ink approaches, introducing intraclass variations in the fingerprint. The performance of existing algorithms is significantly affected when fingerprints are captured with diverse acquisition settings such as multisession, multispectral, multiresolution, with slap, and with latent fingerprints. One of the primary challenges in developing a generic and robust fingerprint matching algorithm is the limited availability of large data sets that capture such intraclass diversity. In this paper, we present the multisensor optical and latent fingerprint database of more than 19000 fingerprint images with different intraclass variations during fingerprint capture. We also showcase the baseline results of various matching experiments on this database. The database is aimed to drive research in building robust algorithms toward solving the problem of latent fingerprint matching and handling intraclass variations in fingerprint capture. Some potential applications for this database are identified and the research challenges that can be addressed using this database are also discussed. © 2013 IEEE.
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