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Multi-task driven explainable diagnosis of COVID-19 using chest X-ray images
Aakarsh Malhotra, Surbhi Mittal, Puspita Majumdar, Saheb Chhabra, Kartik Thakral, Mayank Vatsa, , Santanu Chaudhury, Ashwin Pudrod, Anjali Agrawal
Published in
Volume: 122
With increasing number of COVID-19 cases globally, all the countries are ramping up the testing numbers. While the RT-PCR kits are available in sufficient quantity in several countries, others are facing challenges with limited availability of testing kits and processing centers in remote areas. This has motivated researchers to find alternate methods of testing which are reliable, easily accessible and faster. Chest X-Ray is one of the modalities that is gaining acceptance as a screening modality. Towards this direction, the paper has two primary contributions. Firstly, we present the COVID-19 Multi-Task Network (COMiT-Net) which is an automated end-to-end network for COVID-19 screening. The proposed network not only predicts whether the CXR has COVID-19 features present or not, it also performs semantic segmentation of the regions of interest to make the model explainable. Secondly, with the help of medical professionals, we manually annotate the lung regions and semantic segmentation of COVID19 symptoms in CXRs taken from the ChestXray-14, CheXpert and a consolidated COVID-19 dataset. These annotations will be released to the research community. Experiments performed with more than 2500 frontal CXR images show that at 90% specificity, the proposed COMiT-Net yields 96.80% sensitivity.
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