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Multi-Layered Thermal Actuator Realization Using Metal Passivated TMAH Micro-Machining
V. Maharshi, V. Mere,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 392 - 395
This paper presents fabrication of thermally actuated multi-layered micro actuator for out of plane actuation application. Multi-layered actuators are fabricated using ammonium per sulphate based TMAH etching with metal passivation. Multi-layered Au Si3N4SiO2 micro actuators with straight and cross-heaters are characterized using I-V and LDV measurements. Gold as upper layer of micro actuator is fully protected during the release process. Fundamental mode or resonant frequency of fabricated multi-layered micro actuator is measured by Laser Doppler Vibrometer which is observed around 20 KHz. © 2018 IEEE.