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Modeling the flow of molten steel in a tundish containing an inclusion filtering trap
, M.A.R. Sharif, R.C. Bradt
Published in
Volume: 3
Issue: 2
Pages: 115 - 128
A novel physical chemical filtration process in a tundish for removal of inclusion particles from molten steel is proposed and analyzed. The considered inclusion particles are mainly composed of the minerals alumina (Al2O3) and spinel (MgAl2O4), which have an affinity to adhere (on contact) to an inclusion trap. An industrial tundish is considered and modified with a zigzag channel block insert installed across the molten steel flow so that when the molten steel flows through the zigzag channels, the inclusion particles are driven into contact with the channel surfaces by increased recirculation and turbulence. The inclusions will bond with the surfaces and be removed from the molten steel. The flow behavior in a fully three-dimensional model of such a tundish, with and without the incorporation of the zigzag channels, is then modeled and dynamically simulated. The flow patterns and particle trajectories are then computed and critically analyzed leading to the conclusion that the proposed filtering system is practically feasible. Copyright © 2007 Tech Science Press.
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JournalFluid Dynamics and Materials Processing