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Modeling of flicker noise in quasi-ballistic devices
A. Dasgupta, , A. Agarwal, Y.S. Chauhan
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
In this paper we have proposed new physics based analytical models for transport and flicker noise in field effect transistors (FETs) working in the quasi-ballistic regime. The model is capable of accurately predicting the device current and low frequency flicker noise power spectral density for all drain and gate biases and includes short channel effects. It takes length scaling into account and can be used for the full range of devices starting from complete drift-diffusive to completely ballistic. This is the first time an analytical model of flicker noise for quasi-ballistic devices is being presented. The model is generic and can be used for any device geometry and construction. The model has been verified with experimental data from literature. © 2016 IEEE.