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Modal filtered-x LMS algorithm for global active noise control in a vibro-acoustic cavity
, S.V. Modak, K. Gupta
Published in Academic Press
Volume: 110
Pages: 540 - 555
This paper proposes an algorithm called as ‘Modal filtered-x LMS algorithm’ for global active noise control in vibro-acoustic cavities. The proposed algorithm is a formulation of the conventional filtered-x least mean square algorithm in modal domain to reduce acoustic potential energy in a cavity. The formulation leads to a concept of what has been called as ‘modal secondary path’ in the paper. The active control method makes use of the reference signal filtered using modal secondary paths instead of the reference signal filtered using physical secondary paths as done in the conventional FxLMS algorithm. The method requires knowledge of acoustic modal pressures which in the present paper are estimated using acoustic pressure measurements at a discrete number of points in the cavity. The proposed method allows a modal based control of acoustic potential energy in the cavity. The proposed method also has an advantage that it reduces the computational burden associated with filtering of the reference signal with secondary paths for global control. A numerical study to actively control noise due to structural and acoustic disturbances acting on a car-like cavity is presented. Results of modal based control are compared with maximum reduction that is possible for given disturbances and control sources. It is found that the noise reduction obtained using the modal based approach is close to the maximum possible but at a lower computational cost. © 2018 Elsevier Ltd
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JournalMechanical Systems and Signal Processing
PublisherAcademic Press