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Mid-IR fiber optic light source around 6 μ m through parametric wavelength translation
A. Barh, , R.K. Varshney, B.P. Pal, J. Sanghera, L.B. Shaw, I.D. Aggarwal
Published in Institute of Physics Publishing
Volume: 24
Issue: 11
We report a numerically designed highly nonlinear all-glass chalcogenide microstructured optical fiber (MOF) for the efficient generation of light around 6 μm through degenerate four-wave mixing by considering a continuous wave CO laser of 5-10 W power emitting at 5.6 μm as the pump. By tuning the pump wavelength, pump power, fiber dispersion and nonlinear properties, a narrow (N)- and/or broad (B)- band mid-IR all-fiber light source could be realized. Parametric amplification of more than 20 dB is achievable for the N-band source at 6.46 μm with a maximum power conversion efficiency (Cm) ∼ 33%, while a amplification ∼22 ± 2 dB is achievable for a B-band source over the wavelength range of 5-6.3 μm with a Cm > 40%. © 2014 Astro Ltd.
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JournalLaser Physics
PublisherInstitute of Physics Publishing