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Mechanical behavior of high carbon steel with varying welding and heat treatment parameters
S. Gudla, J. Kadadi,
Published in ASM International
Pages: 441 - 452
High carbon steels are more difficult to weld than low and medium carbon steels due to its high hardness because of the presence of the high carbon content in it which results in crack formation during the cold working. The present work aims at studying the mechanical behavior of high carbon steel welds with a variation of welding parameters and surface heat treatment processes and relating their effects on the mechanical properties of the material In this work, high carbon steel with 0.90 wt pet C is used as the specimen material. The specimens are prepared using different arc welding parameters followed by heat treatment in the furnace for 700°C, 800°C for 60 and 120 minutes. The mechanical properties of these specimens are measured and analyzed to estimate the effect of variation of process parameters.
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JournalHeat Treatment and Surface Engineering - Proceedings of Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering, HTSE 2013
PublisherASM International