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Managing Document Images in a Digital Library: An Ontology guided Approach
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Pages: 64 - 92
In this paper we present Heritage+, an integrated platform for interactive access of different types of media elements through an unified interface. A unique aspect of Heritage+ is that it deals with document images as distinct media type and implements tools and techniques for browsing and querying document images along with other media elements like video sequences and images. Further, Heritage+ proposes a new scheme for encoding and use of ontology for accessing multi-media collection. In the context of document images, the ontology specifies the document class-specific semantics of the logical components that help in an automated semantically meaningful linking of documents and their components with heterogeneous media-type resources. Further, Heritage+ supports conceptual query of document images along with other media elements. This multi-functional access interface to the document images is provided in Heritage+ using a novel model guided document image segmentation scheme and word-image based indexing scheme.
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JournalProceedings - First International Workshop on Document Image Analysis for Libraries - DIAL 2004