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Maintaining power integrity by damping the cavity-mode anti-resonances' peaks on a power plane by particle swarm optimization
, R.K. Nagpal, N.K. Chhabra, R. Malik, J. Mukherjee
Published in
Pages: 525 - 528
To maintain Power Integrity in a high speed system, an effective methodology for suppressing the cavity-mode anti-resonances peaks is presented. The optimum values and the optimal positions of the decoupling capacitors are found using Particle Swarm Optimization, which leads to optimum impedance of power plane loaded with decoupling capacitors. Optimum number of capacitors and their values, by which impedance of loaded board is matched below the target impedance of the system, are found. © 2012 IEEE.
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JournalProceedings - International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design, ISQED