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Local quality of smoothening based a-posteriori error estimators for laminated plates under transverse loading
Published in
Volume: 80
Issue: 18-19
Pages: 1477 - 1488
The local and global quality of various smoothening based a-posteriori error estimators is tested in this paper, for symmetric laminated composite plates subjected to transverse loads. Smoothening based on strain recovery and displacement-field recovery is studied here. Effect of ply orientation, laminate thickness, boundary conditions, mesh topology, and plate model is studied for a rectangular plate. It is observed that for interior patches of elements, both the estimators based on strain or displacement smoothening are reliable. For element patches at the boundary of the domain, all estimators tend to be unreliable (especially for angle-ply laminates). However, the strain recovery based estimator is clearly more robust for element patches at the boundary, as compared to displacement-recovery based error estimators. Globally, all the estimators tested here were found to be very robust. © 2002 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.
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JournalComputers and Structures
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