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Leveraging information from imperfect examples: Common action sequence mining from a mix of incorrect performances
H. Jain,
Published in Association for Computing Machinery
As much as good representation and theory are needed to explain human actions, so are the action videos used for learning good segmentation techniques. To accurately model complex actions such as diving, figure skating, and yoga practices, videos depicting action by human experts are required. Lack of experts in any domain leads to reduced number of videos and hence an improper learning. In this work we attempt to utilize imperfect amateur performances to get more confident representations of human action sequences. We introduce a novel Community Detection based unsupervised framework that provides mechanisms to interpret video data and address its limitations to produce better action representation. Human actions are composed of distinguishable key poses which form dense communities in graph structures. Anomalous poses performed for a longer duration can also form such dense communities but can be identified based on their rare occurrence across action videos and be rejected. Further, we propose a technique to learn the temporal order of these key poses from these imperfect videos, where the inter community links help reduce the search space of many possible pose sequences. Our framework is seen to improve the segmentation performance of complex human actions with the help of some imperfect performances. The efficacy of our approach has been illustrated over two complex action datasets - Sun Salutation and Warm-up exercise, that have been developed using random executions from amateur performers. © 2018 ACM.
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