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Learning ontology for personalized video retrieval
H. Ghosh, P. Poornachander, A. Mallik,
Published in
Pages: 39 - 46
This paper proposes a new method for using implicit user feedback from clickthrough data to provide personalized ranking of results in a video retrieval system. The annotation based search is complemented with a feature based ranking in our approach. The ranking algorithm uses belief revision in a Bayesian Network, which is derived from a multimedia ontology that captures the probabilistic association of a concept with expected video features. We have developed a content model for videos using discrete feature states to enable Bayesian reasoning and to alleviate on-line feature processing overheads. We propose a reinforcement learning algorithm for the parameters of the Bayesian Network with the implicit feedback obtained from the clickthrough data. Copyright 2007 ACM.
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JournalProceedings of the ACM International Multimedia Conference and Exhibition